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Our company optimizes specific aspects to cater to our customers’ priorities, and we refuse to overinvest in underappreciated attributes. Many corporations rely on our facility management services and for 15 years we have accepted the challenge. It will be critical for business leaders to find their way to the new normal. Your people, buildings, and future matter to us.

Overview of SAS Services

SAS GreenCare®
With SAS Greencare services, you gain improved locations, better fiscal benefits, and greener environmental outcomes. Our services are focused on providing sustainable and green surroundings. Some of the best elements included in SAS Greencare include green cleaning systems, recycling of materials, and energy reduction for maximum efficiency.
Need help reducing power expenditures? Let us help by focusing on all elements of electricity. Our team is committed to providing you with an upgraded electrical distribution and lighting system, so that you can improve your bottom line and increase profitability.
Every year millions of dollars are spent by businesses and industries on power consumption. A cost-effective and sustainable power management system is all you need to reduce those power charges. Our expert team of technicians will help you in maintaining the total energy management system. This new system will provide improved utility and operating cost so that your business can have a sustainable energy benchmark.
Facilities Engineering
With the right people on the ground, our personnel provide safety, comfort, and energy efficiency to your facility. Our team creates value by bringing the best in building automation and energy management solutions.
HVAC & Mechanical
Our HVAC and Mechanical system will help boost the performance of your building, people, and your budget. No matter if you need upgrading an ageing infrastructure or installation of HVAC and Mechanical elements to your building, we can be your best partner. SAS has a team of technicians and mechanics who have decades of experience in providing leading plumbing, HVAC, and piping systems.
Spotless offices and workspaces can give lasting first impressions to your clients and partners. Our janitors will help keep your department offices and surrounding areas pristine and clean. With a green cleaning mechanism, the indoor air quality of your office space will improve. Many may not believe, but employees are more efficient if they are working in a hygienic and fresh environment. We have been providing stellar services for more than 15 years. Trust us to make an impact.
No matter if you have a small business or large office complex. Well-manicured, green turf can spark conversation to anyone arriving. Our team will help you create a landscape that is green, clean, and attractive. Turfs are often prone to pest infestation. We will analyse your property and design solutions suited for your needs. Let us help maintain your sports complexes, corporate campuses, stadiums, or any other commercial property.
Critical infrastructure
Every business has a critical infrastructure that needs to perform at the top performance every second. Our team of expert technicians understand how downtime and power shortages can affect your business. At SAS, we make sure to keep your sensitive and critical infrastructure running even at the time of power shortage.
Parking & Transportation

The parking and transportation services of your business may determine how hospitable you are to your clients, partners, and customers. SAS will make sure that your guests feel welcome and comfortable at arrival as well as departure. Our experience will ensure that your brand continues to build value.

Integrated Facility Services
At SAS, our technicians have time, resources, and expertise to take care of every inch of your business infrastructure. SAS will integrate facility management and maintenance services to make sure that acquired data and business systems performs in a more efficient and integrated way. Our team is equipped with an innovative mindset and vision to make a difference.
Speciality services
Every detail of business infrastructure matters. No matter how big or small your business is, it needs regular upkeep and maintenance. With more than 15 years of experience in facility management services, we employ innovative techniques and equipment to guarantee your business is well-supported. No matter if you need seasonal services or regular maintenance services, you can contact us anytime.

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