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A Safe Return to the Workplace.

Employees are counting on their companies to help them get back to work safely. Since 2005, we have cared about our client's safety, their people, and their workspace. No matter if you want to measure our competence in terms of client trust or sustainability or a host of other parameters. You will always find us at the top of the list. Not all clients or their businesses are the same. Thus, we believe in providing customized solutions to all our customers. From cleaning the small corner of the front desk to disinfecting a football stadium, we do it all.


The aviation industry is known for keeping their customers happy and safe. With our facility management services, you can provide hassle-free services to your customers from the parking lot to their seat. Be the top service provider in the aviation industry by employing SAS Facility Management.
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Business & Industry

Every business needs a secure, clean, and comfortable environment for better efficiency and growth. Leave all your facility management tasks to us and focus on your business expansion and growth. We have more than 15 years of experience in providing facility management to businesses. Trust us, and we will take care of the rest.


Students are the future and need a healthy learning environment to prosper. Colleges and universities will need to reshuffle their budgets and resources to prioritize buildings and campus amenities that support revenue-generating undergraduate and graduate degree programs. We deliver processes that establish a visual statement about the quality & viability of your institution.
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Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare is one of the most critical sectors, understanding all the codes and policies that the facility may need to conform to. This includes state and federal code and standards from healthcare organizations, such as EPA, OSHA and CDC policies. Organizations need an experienced facility management team to rely upon. Let us be your first choice.

Technology & Manufacturing

No matter if you are engaged in the manufacturing or service sector, you need a clean and well-managed atmosphere to work successfully. Our facilities management and maintenance teams can use our proprietary software to schedule work orders and maintenance. Some of its best features include maintenance and technician scheduling, preventive maintenance, work order management, and asset management.

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Partner with us

Collaborate with us and let us be your trusted ally!